Gilya Hodos
Gilya Hodos

The Music Studio of Gilya Hodos, Teacher & Pianist

Sharing music with others builds self-esteem and awareness.


With extensive teaching experience, Dr. Hodos provides an integrated approach to developing a student's total musical identity. She motivates her students to explore diverse musical styles and periods.


Using bi-annual recitals to teach poise and confidence, Dr. Hodos helps students overcome shyness and fear of performing.


Her stress-free style also incorporates field trips to exciting places that reinforce discussions of music history and theory which are incorporated into our weekly lessons and monthly musicianship classes.


Her dynamic teaching methods are designed to encourage and educate so that her students look forward to and enjoy their weekly music lessons.


By incorporating stylistic differences and historical perspectives, Dr. Hodos will teach you how to make any piece uniquely your own!




The joy of making music 


and being able to share it with others is priceless!!! 



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